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Tell Me More. Marketing from the High Grounds!

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Apr 14, 2011 1:17:00 PM

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"The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice."

Mary Anne Evans, known by the pen name George Eliot was an 18th century leading novelist, journalist, translator and I would have to add a visionary to that tall order. Nowhere since the recorded history of mankind, were we flourished with so many choices and options with an underlying layer of sameness. The sameness is so monotonous that it looks like the flat lands of North Dakota. To rise above this tedious monotony is our strongest challenge and hence our strongest growth.

Marketers (from trade shows to social media) of today has to be entrenched in this advantageous place that Mike Gospe calls The Marketing High Grounds. When marketing leaders at every level have empathy and profound understanding of their target market, so much so that they become customers' advocate: a connection emerges and a creative path forges that cuts through the clutter and brings home the point across.

Tell Me More. These are the 3 most important words that marketers love to hear from their target audience. All marketers agree that successful selling is not about selling but story telling. And... you got it right. People will pay more attention if the story is about them: if they understand that your product will add benefits and or solve problems in their daily living. Once that is achieved, the world class marketers move on to telling their prospects how and why their products are better than any alternative. The story should always end with a validating success story and an affirmation of the of the benefit statement.
Mike Gospe gives us Personas, Positioning and Messaging in his new playbook for B2B marketing professionals: The Marketing High Ground. He states, more is not better. It is normal human psychology to be everything to everybody. Marketers throw a multitude of features and benefits at prospects requiring them to sort out what’s really important. This only confuses the issue and lengthens the sales cycle. "A positioning statement challenges marketers to hone a simple statement that identifies the target market (via the persona), names the product and maps it to an appropriate category, prioritizes a benefit most relevant to the persona, and clearly distinguishes its uniqueness against the nearest competitive alternative."

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