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Trade Show Booth Design: Ecstasy in Environments!

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Aug 8, 2011 4:38:00 PM

cafe trade show boothAs RSS feeds, blogging, social search, social bookmarking, social networks and micro platforms gain more prominence we often tend to question the more traditional aspects of marketing. Trade shows in particular may seem to be the hallmark of previous generations' marketing strategies. However, recent studies confirm that physical events, like trade shows and conferences continue to be a dominant phase in the business-to-business product sourcing and buying processes.

Given this empirical evaluation of trade shows, creating a space with an effective brand engagement is a precondition to a memorable experience. As marketing exhibitors, we have a unique opportunity to connect with customers and prospects from an emotional and psychological standpoint by engaging all of their external five senses. Our sensory receptors react directly to stimulation from our environment and trade shows are the ideal settings for which to cleverly attend to the needs of the limbic system of your attendees. The limbic system is the seat of our emotional interpretation.

As marketers, if we understand that increased sensitivity from intense demand on the brain will increase the number of pathways between neurons, we can be assured of a strong brand expansion. For each time a item is stored and cross referenced in the brain, a new pathway to that item is sensitized. It is truly remarkable what long term memory allows us to recall.  Memories that co-occur with audio, visual and other sensory perceptions are part of the LTM system. For instance, each time a song is heard the memory is re-lived while a certain smell will stimulate a very specific memory based on that smell. Our limbic system will always have an over arching command at live trade shows and events. Providing an exultant environment forges new neural pathways in the brain, refreshing and sustaining your unique brand essence.

According to the neurobiologist Dr. Carla J. Shatz, neurons that fire together wire together.

The question to ponder: Is my brand firing memories the way I want to?

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