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Art of Presentation: Teaching of the Ruins.

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Jan 12, 2012 4:19:00 PM

Parthenon and graphic design

Standing in front of the sacred rock, I gasped in wonderment.

What lay before me was a primal definition in astute presentation. It won't be a stretch by any standard if I do say that the Parthenon is the best example where mathematics presents itself in the form of high art. Yes, the golden rectangle have been the defining factor of this architecture. It is a Doric Temple.

When the great Phidias designed this temple to house goddess Athena Parthenos, I wonder if he realized that this rubble of a ruin would one day stand as a testament to the Athenian Golden Age and parade itself as the paragon of Western civilization. Perhaps not. Any here is why?

Nancy Duarte, the most sought after presentation expert says, 90% of the creative process is actually destructive. You create a slide presentation—and then slowly but surely see what you can peel away. What the mighty Phidias could not possibly achieve, disastrous geo-political affairs managed to turn the temple into a core shell of pristine elegance that seems to follow this destructive law.

When you are presenting at a trade show or an event try using using a single word on a slide to convey your core message. Want your audience to remember various benefits? Don not plaster all bullet-style on a single slide; Reveal them one at a time, unveil a mystery, create a story, and share an example or anecdote to illustrate each one. "Have an image or quote that accurately expresses your idea? Let it! "Don't be afraid to remove everything else from the slide, and let that one powerful image say it all."

study in golden proportion resized 600

The mystery of this Doric temple is gradually revealed when you study the divine proportions. The total height of the building is approximately 1.618 times the height to the top of the columns, and the frieze sculptures (called triglyphs [columns] and metopes [sculptures]) on the entablature closely follow the same proportion.

The mathematical ratio "phi" is a tribute to the phenomenal Phidias. The sculptor of the goddess of wisdom have successfully spread his ideas & moved people over centuries.

Don't just share your ideas or your data; make meaning. Again in the words of Nancy Duarte, don't focus solely on changing minds; put some effort into changing hearts. Powerful imagery and though-provoking video are excellent tools for connecting your audience to your message emotionally—which is how we humans make decisions.

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