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Trade Show Ambiance: The Delight of Light!

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Apr 2, 2012 2:13:00 PM

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Light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself the revelation: James Turrell
Ancient architects and masters knew this. They created their temples that literally came alive during certain times of the year. Architecture and light are mutually dependent. The Italian architect, Bruno Zevi called “light as an architectural form”. Le Corbousier, the pioneer of modern high design held light to highest stature. He said “architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light. ”.

Dynamic design establishes a play of light and shade, and appropriate lighting commands the mood and the mind of your attendees. Again in the words of James Turrell: Light is a powerful substance. We have a primal connection to it. But, for something so powerful, situations for its felt presence are fragile. I form it as much as the material allows. I like to work with it so that you feel it physically, so you feel the presence of light inhabiting a space. I like the quality of feeling that is felt not only with the eyes.

Trade show exhibitors and designers are well in-tuned with this quality of feeling. It is a guaranteed return on investment when it comes to the play of light and light projections. However, we are also painfully aware that it comes with a ticket value that screams "premium".

Not any more!

In recent years, event lighting has gained tremendous momentum and is forging ahead in the form of LED illumination and incandescent lighting. Event lighting allows anyone to add delightful rich color on any surface of your display, flooring and ceiling. Create a central theme throughout your space or define zones and boundaries.

Use the infinite color combinations of the LED washers to enrich your hanging signs or your ceiling structures. Another, creative way to add form to your space is by adding pendant lights at varying levels. Create a sculptural definition to enhance the feeling of space. Transform the spatial context, create agreeable, sublime or mysterious sensations. Enlarge a space, make it smaller, or simply highlight aspects of the space that will interest your target audience. Have fun with it. More importantly, feel it.

Touch the heart of your visitors with the effects of light. Your brand will gain vitality and a permanent residence in their memory!

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