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Design NON-THINKING: The Muse Methodology

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Mar 2, 2017 5:36:43 PM



The saying goes 'no pain, no gain'. As designers and as creators we are told that in order to achieve something you have to travel the path of pain and peril. There is no other way out.

The lords and the ladies of self-help proclaim the merits of discipline, focus and the steadfast firmness of human will. They lay out 5 step program or 10 step methodology, explaining how its is done. And they say, you have to keep at it and keep at it, to be any good. But does it really help? Findings are mixed at the best — the disastrous outcome of of New Years' goal in general and the failed strategy behind those hard goals setting are a sad testament to our human will.

I believe, the problem lies in this rote method. 'Keep doing', 'Keep working'. And, you will succeed. This may work for a while, but definitely not sustainable for the long haul.

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Immersive Technology That Thrives at Trade Shows

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Feb 22, 2017 12:41:17 PM



"Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of God's gifts. It is the mother of civilizations, of arts and of sciences." Freeman Dyson


For many thousands of years the growth curve of human progress was painfully slow and very gradual. Perhaps the only spike in the human social growth curve was during the Hellenistic period when Greek culture gained global prominence leading to exploration of arts, literature, theater, architecture, music, mathematics, philosophy, and science. That  growth curve gained some momentum experiencing progress and prosperity.

But about 200 years ago something profound happened. Yes, you guessed it right! The industrial Revolution created a massive hike in the growth curve forcing the curve to shoot up almost ninety degrees. The growth has been phenomenal. And, it has not stopped ever since!

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Memorable Booth Design: Tempting Textures + Luring Lights

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Aug 2, 2012 11:43:00 AM

Create a compelling environment. Unleash the memory capsule.

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Brand Exhibiting: The Socratic Way.

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Jan 30, 2012 2:07:00 PM

"Can you tell me, Socrates, whether virtue is acquired by teaching or by practice; or if neither by teaching nor practice, then whether it comes to man by nature, or in what other way?"

The year was 350 B.C.E. The day was just like today, one cold sunny afternoon. [I can only imagine!]
Plato, who documented every move of this magical sage writes that Socrates tells Meno that "he not only does not know if virtue can be taught, but does not understand the nature of virtue." Meno shudders, his conviction challenged, he tastes the dialectic method for which Socrates sacrificed his life.

For ages, Socrates has been revered as the grand master of intellectual eloquence and inquiry: the ideal critical thinker. It is not one idea that earned him this seat of distinguished honor. It is his method of questioning and cross-examination of opposing views that leads to illumination of ideas. Engaging in the Socratic Method makes us confident about the experience of questioning anything including our own ideas and beliefs. By constantly asking critical questions, dynamic brands are in a perpetual state of flux. Brands like Southwest Airlines, Zappos, Google, Virgin or Starbucks constantly align themselves to the questions of the times. They are courageously passionate about doing business in a more "virtuous" fashion that brings value to the clients and adds momentum to their balance sheets. Their "brand virtue" goes through the high standards of Socratic questioning time and time again. (“Virtue” is not a term that marketers use, yet as a concept it explains growing consumer expectations toward brands and companies.)

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Encounter with the Unconscious: The Art of Surrealism

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Nov 1, 2011 5:04:00 PM

The avant-garde movement in art and literature of the 20th-century that sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind, for example by the irrational juxtaposition of images is often termed as surrealism.

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Modish Trade Show Booth Design: Bend The Trend

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Oct 17, 2011 5:18:00 PM


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Trade Show Booth Design: Ecstasy in Environments!

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Aug 8, 2011 4:38:00 PM

As RSS feeds, blogging, social search, social bookmarking, social networks and micro platforms gain more prominence we often tend to question the more traditional aspects of marketing. Trade shows in particular may seem to be the hallmark of previous generations' marketing strategies. However, recent studies confirm that physical events, like trade shows and conferences continue to be a dominant phase in the business-to-business product sourcing and buying processes.

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Trade Fair Design: The Can, A Brand: An Environmental Leap

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Jun 6, 2011 5:17:00 PM

The Story of the Aluminum Can.

The aluminum can was fairly content containing the magic potion inside and exhibiting the power of Amazon Açaí berry outside as its prized label. Thanks to the wonder of technology: the can chuckled; "now I can, no pun intended, provide some value to the stressed out robotic race that is always on the look for the next elixir with the promise to cure all that ails them" what a bunch of naive species.

Nonetheless, the can was was happy to be of use. Afterall, once upon a  time it lived lived in the earth crust in the form of Bauxite. It had to wait for billions of years to be mined in either Australia, India, Jamaica or in areas in or around the equator. Once mined, Alumina had to be extracted from Bauxite, electrolyzed in dissolved crystal to generate aluminum metal and then transformed into what we commonly know as the aluminum can. Boy, that was certainly a long journey!

One day the can thought about traveling to the Amazon. It just made sense. It had heard so many stories about the mystical Amazon rainforest. So it mustered up all its strength and proposed it to its master Zola. The master, with a nose for business decided to take it even a step further. Zola thought, wouldn't it be great if we created the Amazon environment in a 10' x 20' linear space, in a trade show market place to introduce our new product to the rest of the world!

The can, the master and the Açaí berry all settled on it.
Not the best, but at least a berry berry big home run for now!

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Art of Creation: Design with 5 Minds

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Apr 7, 2011 12:07:00 PM

We, human species are impeccable creators.

We create our own thoughts, our will, our emotions, our perception and our immaginations. We are our MINDS. No doubt Winston Churchill stated in his speech at Harvard University in 1943, "The empires of the future are the empires of the mind." Sprint forward 60 years or so and a similar sentiment is echoed in the writings of Howard Gardner from Harvard Graduate School of Education. In his book, 5 Minds for the Future, Gardner ponders about the human mind. He says the world of tomorrow, "with its ubiquitous search engines, robots and other computational devices, will demand capacities that until now have been mere options."

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Art of Presenting: Influencing the Influencers

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Apr 1, 2011 5:48:00 PM

As designers for trade shows or any other medium, we are often required to present our ideas across, in a group environment. Our sub-conscious tend to focus on the body language of the decision maker. However, another approach might be to seek out the influencers in the group. The film below attempts to understand the basic ingredients of what makes a person influential in an esoteric way without any metric analysis. It explores the concept of the role that influencers play.

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