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Posted on Oct 6, 2016 12:00:02 PM


If something looks simple, it feels easy. If it feels easy, the brain assumes it is simple. Once that assumption is made the path of conversion becomes one of non-friction.

That is why, Harmut Esslingen, the German designer who designed the iconic Apple products in the 1980s, followed the guiding principle that feeling follows form.

That is why, about 200 years before Harmut Esslingen, the German philoshper, Arthur Schopenhauer, postulated “One should use common words to say uncommon things.”

Words that are simple to understand your brand offering are crucial for the decision makers who are pacing the show floor looking for solutions.

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Posted on Jul 18, 2016 6:46:28 PM



Some may say that design is not new, it is simply a new application based on historical designs. In the ever changing industry of trade shows and events, one thing is consistently desired; intriguing design. We wanted to explore the history of design, and felt there was no better place to start than with 30 year veteran, Greg Mathieson, a Senior Exhibit Designer at Skyline and Scooter Hendon, Skyline Sector 5 Exhibit Designer with multiple industry awards under his belt.

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4 Things Your Exhibit Design Need To Convey To Your Target Audience

Posted on Sep 3, 2015 12:58:00 PM

Are you about to design a brand new exhibit? Or maybe you are about to completely change a current trade show booth. Whichever it is, you should be extremely strategic about the design process. Not only do you want to consider the customers you are trying to reach and the objectives you hope to achieve as a result of the exhibit, but you should also put yourself in the shoes of those target audience. One thing is true about event visitors; there are certain questions they always have about your company. Wise exhibitors know how to design their exhibits in such a way that they can effectively answer these questions before they are even asked. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions your trade show booth should answer.


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