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Bay Area Trade show solutions: The Power of Engagement

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Jul 1, 2010 12:28:00 PM

Trade show booth, graphic design

The vast media landscape had changed. In this vibrant era of social networking, the audiences are fragmented and customer loyalty is  questioned every track of the way. Content is no longer delivered to an audience. The audience now decides on what kind of content it wants to see and when to see it.

trade show booth, graphic design

Given the above parameters, trade show marketers have to be in constant dialogue with customers and prospects. Messaging has to be more interactive and personalized. According to one study, "Visuals will be user customized as ....each user will experience different visuals and messages based on their preferences and interest." This era of personalization will demand the heightened power of engagement. Content has to be "catered toward users and user experience."

As people indulge into ways of communicating remotely, they are seeking to balance their lack of contact with the need for emotions and experiences. There is an increased focus on "sense-perience". Successful trade show displays and trade show stands needs to cater to this "sense-perience". Interactive media and experiential design is the wave that is here to stay a while. 

Having noticed this trend, DesignView™ came into existence a year ago. It won accolades that we are all proud of. However, we do have to go long ways before we perfect this idea of "sense-perience". We can be co-creators in this mission and give shape to this new concept called "sense-perience".

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