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Trade show displays Northern California: Understanding Light

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Aug 13, 2010 12:56:00 PM

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The light of our lives comes from the sun and other stars: a form of electric and magnetic energy. Photons of light travel through space behaving both like particles and waves. We see forms once light reflects off the object. Hence, light is the grand master of form and texture.

It is by mastering this light we give birth to the essence of an object. The basic qualities of reflection or absorption of light are the elements to consider when designing any kind of handiwork. A glass will reveal its color when light passes through it. However when a glass is engraved or etched, light is trapped inside it. A silver object, when polished, reflects light and when hammered, will absorb light giving a completely different look and feel. A polished material has completely different and sometimes opposite connotations from a matte surface, a wide spectrum ranging from opulence to quiet elegance.

Texture has boundless range of tactile and visual experiences. It is essential for us to understand their marriage with light in order to express and master the milieu. It is the materials and their finishes that we explore in our projects brings forth the uniquenes of each environment and celebrates the individuality of each object. "Texture and color in a mutually supporting discourse defines any creative artifact – waiting to be decoded its inner secrets and thereby enrich our perception and transfer it to whatever we choose."

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