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Trade show exhibit: Passion for Forms

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Oct 1, 2010 2:00:00 AM

Passion for Forms

It is the passion and the vigor of the designers that breathes life into products. It is the authencity and comfort that matches people's desire, makes the product momentous.

"Really successful brands have cultures people can partake in." Ron Pompei.

Some brands like Anthropologie, Apple or Whole Foods have made that leap. The Portfolio Retail Design Luminaries Awards this year was presented to three outstanding individuals who have demonstrated unparalleled creative excellence, exemplary professional leadership and unwavering personal commitment to the design industry—lighting the way for others, inspiring us all with their accomplishments and visionary guidance. The Luminaries are: Ron Pompei, Ken Nisch and Andrew McQuilkin.

As shown, the product designs above, will be a splash of freshness in the trade show industry. The ever popular pendant lights takes a new form with this à la mode Poppy Lamps designed by Hive Mfg. Co. Inc. Lounges, that are current in trade show gatherings can be enthralling with the handmade Bloom Armchair designed by Kenneth Cobonpue.

It is these design visionaries that light the path for others to follow. They move the masses and leave a legacy that which is unexpected. This piece is my tribute to them.

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