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Assertive at Trade Shows: Magic of Magenta

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Jan 7, 2011 11:20:00 AM


Magenta doesnot exist in a single wavelength of white light spectrum. The magic lies in our brain. Magenta is the result of the magic that the brain performs when it constructs a color to bridge the gap between red and violet, because such a colour does not exist in the light spectrum. Unlike all the other spectrum colors, Magenta is the only color that has no wavelength attributed to it. This means that perception of color does not have a one to one correlation with the “third dmensional” world that we live in… Color happens in the brain and is experienced in the mind. Sir Isaac Newton first noticed magenta to be an extra-spectral color when he was playing with prisms. When he superimposed the red end of the spectrum on to the violet end, he saw magenta.

Magenta is nonconformist. Magenta is intelligent and innovative, often manifesting as inventors of bizarre or controversial objects. Their imagination has no limits. It is the color of the free spirit. It is agile and assertive. It is imaginative and productive. It is bright, determined and dances to it's own tune. Use magenta to energize your brand. Use it for its vigor and verve.

Magenta is the color of change and transformation. It releases old and outdated patterns to inspire growth and development. Be bold with magenta on product launches. Instill the assertiveness of magenta in your product design. Play with magenta at corporate events and trade show pavilions.

Magenta is a confluence of opposition. As a strong and inspiring color magenta can appear outrageous and shocking on one hand or innovative and imaginative on the other. Use it to be inspired or manipurate it for creating shock and awe!

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