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Trade show Design: Trend in Contrast and Paradoxes

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Jan 21, 2011 7:05:00 PM


Rising from the remnants of the last decade that failed us in so many fronts, we start a new time line in which materials and textures will play with contrasts and opposites: black and white, natural and artificial, new and tainted, "dense and compact or seemingly dematerialised, changing, often playing with light". It is a time of paramount change driven by our emotion and performance to move and remake our moral ethics. It is a time of individual freedom and optimism along side with poetic global harmony. It is a time of New Urbanity, New Luxury, New Romanticism, New Exoticism.

A demand for simplicity and striking, futuristic yet authentic. safe values with daring audacity, technical chic and alternative energies will be the dictum of our times. A need for personal expression, will bounce off restraints and radiate optimism. These two opposing currents will guide our tastes and desires, leading to a fresh burst of creativity, innovation and non-conformism. Technology will usher in elegant perfection in a sport-inspired futuristic «chic» theme. The two opposites black and white is the emotion leading to clarity and performance. Going back to the basics of black and the eternity of white with subtle light-and-shade effects, sometimes unexpected but always sharply contrasted will be the embracing co-ordinates of this time.

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