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Trade Fair Design: The Can, A Brand: An Environmental Leap

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Jun 6, 2011 5:17:00 PM

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The Story of the Aluminum Can.

The aluminum can was fairly content containing the magic potion inside and exhibiting the power of Amazon Açaí berry outside as its prized label. Thanks to the wonder of technology: the can chuckled; "now I can, no pun intended, provide some value to the stressed out robotic race that is always on the look for the next elixir with the promise to cure all that ails them" what a bunch of naive species.

Nonetheless, the can was was happy to be of use. Afterall, once upon a  time it lived lived in the earth crust in the form of Bauxite. It had to wait for billions of years to be mined in either Australia, India, Jamaica or in areas in or around the equator. Once mined, Alumina had to be extracted from Bauxite, electrolyzed in dissolved crystal to generate aluminum metal and then transformed into what we commonly know as the aluminum can. Boy, that was certainly a long journey!

One day the can thought about traveling to the Amazon. It just made sense. It had heard so many stories about the mystical Amazon rainforest. So it mustered up all its strength and proposed it to its master Zola. The master, with a nose for business decided to take it even a step further. Zola thought, wouldn't it be great if we created the Amazon environment in a 10' x 20' linear space, in a trade show market place to introduce our new product to the rest of the world!

The can, the master and the Açaí berry all settled on it.
Not the best, but at least a berry berry big home run for now!

[edited by T. Anderson]

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