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Chimera of Creativity: Inspiration or Enterprise?

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Aug 29, 2011 3:21:00 PM

chimera of creativity

The mind is a creativity. So also is a thought.

The mind says to a thought, "I have you."

The thought says to the mind, "You I am."

The heart is a creativity. So also is love.

The heart says to love, "I have you.
Love says to the heart, "You I am."

The soul is a creativity. So also is life.

The soul says to life, "I have you.
Life says to the soul, "You I am."

The learning of the mind is a creativity, an expanding creativity.

The feeling of the heart is a creativity, a deepening creativity.

The becoming of life is a creativity, a manifesting creativity.

The universal truth finds expression in the poetic grace and beauty of Sri Chinmoy.

Often times, our empirical minds only sees the outcome of creativity as an enterprise. Our utilitarian intellect fails to comprehend the muse that inspires us to manifest creativity. The veil of ignorance prompts us to separate creativity from enterprise in such a fashion that debates are being raised if creativity can be taught. More often comparisons are drawn between Nicola Tesla and Thomas Edison prompting the former to be endowed with a visceral gift and the latter to be a tenacious sprinter in perseverance and experimentation.

"I became aware, to my surprise, that every thought I conceived was suggested by an external impression. Not only this but all my actions were prompted in a similar way. In the course of time it became perfectly evident to me that I was merely an automation endowed with power of movement responding to the stimuli of the sense organs and thinking and acting accordingly. The practical result of this was the art of tele automatics which has been so far carried out only in an imperfect manner. Its latent possibilities will, however be eventually shown. I have been since years planning self-controlled automata and believe that mechanisms can be produced which will act as if possessed of reason, to a limited degree, and will create a revolution in many commercial and industrial departments." My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nicola Tesla

"I find out what the world needs, then I proceed to invent it." Thomas Elva Edison. Compared to the intuitive clarity of Tesla, Edison might seem like a savvy business man yet Tesla's genius inadvertently affirms Edison's legacy. The first commercially viable bulb was produced by Edison. Without electricity delivered widely, safely and efficiently the light bulb was of little value. Tesla's perfection of AC was the tool that made the light bulb so beneficial. Without the expanding creativity of Tesla and the manifesting creativity of Edison, life as we know today wouldn't have existed.

Chimera of Creation is the manifestation of thoughts and ideas that transforms, merges and mutates to produce history's biggest breakthroughs. It is the learning of the mind, the feeling of the heart and the becoming of life spanning across several life spans. It is Infinitely Gracious.

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