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Tradeshow Booth Design: Skyline Wins Corporate Innovator Award!

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Sep 20, 2012 11:24:00 AM

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It was announced yesterday that Skyline has won the coveted 2012 Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award!  It was indeed a magical moment for us.

Why magical?

We are the only trade show company to have ever won this award. Now we take a seat amongst the giants like Apple, HP, FedEx, Herman Miller, BMW and the likes. We are proud and yet very humbled by this experience.

PDMA (Product Development and Management Association) is the premier product marketing organization in the planet. For over 25 years, The OCI Award selection process has identified companies that capture imagination and create value through innovation in developing new products.

How do we spur innovation as a company and incorporate it into our culture? What is the actual commercialization process that we go through?  How do we measure success of a new product or service?.... These were some of the rigorous criteria and selective process that we went through lasting for 9 months.

Perhaps the glaring stat. that 24% of our sales comes from products that were non-existent even 5 years ago was the final seal of innovation.......We will never know.

However we do know:

"Skyline has used innovation to disrupt a market which has traditionally been challenged by commoditization and an influx of cheaper overseas competitors. Using a disciplined innovation process the company has moved from a pipeline reliant on incremental innovation, to a focus on big-bet projects – in their own words, “we have gone from an emphasis on ‘improve and evolve’ to ‘invent & transform.’”  Key to the effective utilization of the process is a focus on the front end, which utilizes diverse tools and techniques to identify significant market trends and unmet customer needs and pain points."

Our commitment in maintaining innovative leadership is evident in our recent decision to redefine our business purpose as ‘Helping the World Trade™’ in recognition of major market changes and the new opportunities beyond exhibits and displays created by those changes.

Good luck Skyline and I feel proud to be part of you!

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