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Art of Marketing: Targeting Personas

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Feb 20, 2012 6:06:00 PM

DNA of persona marketing

In a radical socio-genetic paper that was published in 2003, it was indicated that 1 in 200 men of this planet owe their DNA to Genghis Khan. Profoundly progressive than his European or Asian counterparts, Genghis Khan swiftly conquered, abolished torture, granted universal religious freedom and squashed feudal systems of aristocratic privilege. Genghis Khan acheived this by accurate targeting, disciplined structure and seamless integration.
On a galloping horse hitting his target, armed with the technology of bows and arrows he conquered the largest empire in history. Alexander and Caesar pales in comparison. LaRae Quy, a former FBI undercover agent, says Genghis mastered his art of conquest, retention and expansion by perfecting three things. Sounds familiar. It is all about market share.

First, he developed the power to pull back the thick bow so he could aim his arrow.

Step back – take a broad survey as to who your clients and prospects are. Include age, gender, income, ethnicity, experience and affilation. Be sure to include the non-tangibles: personality, likes & dislikes, reputation and their trigger points. This will help you to decide who you want to deliberately go after.


Second, Chengiz Khan understood the movements of the horse he was riding. When a horse is galloping, there is a moment when the horse is air-borne and all four hooves are off the ground. In that split-second, as he sat in his saddle and sailed through the air in smooth flight, he could shoot his arrow with enough accuracy to hit the target.

A persona gives your team a more tangible, living target to aim for when you create different marketing messages. You can create and target several personas. For example, a car company may have car buyer personas that are driven by status, or economy, or hauling family, or sustainability. In the words of our very own Mike Thimmesch: "When you understand your buyer personas, you can tailor all marketing aspects to better appeal to them. " The key word is targeting with accuracy.

And third, Chengiz Khan understood not only his own strengths and weaknesses, but the strengths and movements of his horse as well.

Unlike, the common perception that the Mongols were ruthless nomadic savages, the reality is; in nearly every country the Mongols conquered, they brought a revolutionary rise in cultural communication, expanded trade, and a blossoming of civilization. The key lesson here: Do not shove your products or services down your clients' throat. Understand, and articulate the problems that are keeping your clients up at night. Armed with this information, target your messages. You will be astonished at the positive performance of your marketing campaigns.

“How relevant is our message for this person, at this point in the customer lifecycle?” This is the DNA of Persona Marketing.
When you cultivate personas into your marketing program, you’re understanding the people that drives your market. This will empower you to make your product or service relevant to them at any specific buying stage. "This knowledge, which informs meaningful and persuasive value propositions, is not only the foundation of integrated marketing but also a powerful transformer of product development."

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