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Peninsula Booth Design Inspiration: Captivating Curves!

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Jun 4, 2012 1:08:00 PM

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During the launch of Levi's Curve ID jeans in 2010, Levis launched a 5 week integrated marketing campaign that touched on experiential marketing, social media and outdoor events in shopping malls and city centers throughout the UK.
Brand ambassadors for Levi's encouraged women to find their perfect curve jeans shape in-store for the chance to win a £1000 Levi's shopping spree. The idea behind the campaign was to drive long-term engagement with the brand and needless to say it was a stroke of marketing genius that has been reaping phenomenal results.

Curves are emotionally and architecturally very captivating. It inspires us to excel in elegance and balance. It is the defining stroke of our postmodern age. In this age of hyper-modern minimalism, we frequently encounter sweeping curves, blended complex geometry, bold colors and inherent playfulness. Curves takes it lesson from nature; perhaps that is the reason why curves are deep seated in human consciousness. They’re smooth, refined, and pleasing to the eye. It dominates the organic world: the curve of the clouds, the gently sloped mountains, the rolling waves of the sea, the female body.

Curves add the feminine softness and tricks the eye into seeing something beyond. It unites the space in an harmonious rhythm. Incorporate the flooring of your booth design to mirror the curves in the architecture above. It gives the illusion of a bigger environment. Contrast your angled booth design with the curves of the furniture. By doing so, your space attains symmetry and resonates with the audiences of both sexes. As the Irish novelist, James Joyce so skillfully said “Men are governed by lines of intellect - women: by curves of emotion".

At the end of the day, it is all about memorability. It is worth keeping in mind: people will soon forget about your jazzy marketing pitch but the intangible force of your brand will be deep embedded in their sub-conscious!

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