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Brand Expression: Drive Demand Through Creativity!

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on May 14, 2013 1:01:00 PM


creativity drives demand


Updated March 2017


“Some critics will say Coca-Cola made a marketing mistake. Some cynics will say that we planned the whole thing. The truth is we’re not that dumb and we’re not that smart." 
Don Keough
- At the 1985 press conference announcing the return of ‘classic’ Coke following consumer backlash to New Coke

Coke is one of global brands that drives value and derives strength by constantly re-making itself. Because, once you accept your limits you can aspire towards going beyond them — both creatively and consciously.

Hence, you achieve the status of 'classic' — you somehow manage to be masterly all the time. 


The dynamic blend of a strong brand proposition and a compelling brand personality gives birth to a powerful brand expression.

Key brand attributes like: texture, color, imagery, typography, forms, tone of voice, sound and environment play a unique role in defining the proposition and developing the personality.
These attributes are then used like a palette to design all touch points of the brand to foster the environment necessary to create the desired expectation.

Designed by Artefice Group, Italy, "Coca-Cola offers consumers a special edition of the legendary glass bottle: an original interpretation of the brand personality through a series of three creative subjects. What catches the attention is the movements, the depth of shading, the colors that convey all brand values in a stylish way."

The keywords here – movement, depth of shading, colors all substantiates the The Journey to Shared Value: A world where cultural revolution is alive...  "We can’t control how Coca-Cola gets painted on the side of a wall, for thousands of people to see. But we believe that if we engage the market with stories that provoke happiness and inspire optimism, our consumers are going to talk about our brand in a way that is more powerful than we could ever do ourselves."


This expansion in brand expression has helped Coca Cola to sell over 1.8 billion servings of its products to consumers in every country in the world, save Cuba and North Korea (officially).

Understood, not all brands have the resources nor the grit "to walk the talk."

However, we can all benefit from the valuable lessons imparted by the slogan, "The Coke Side of Life". Andy Payne, the Chief Global Creative Director of Interbrand, professes the vital role of creativity in creating and managing brand value.


Start with a Great Brand Proposition

"If you have a body, you are an athlete. This proposition taps into Nike’s dedication to human potential, and makes it relevant to its business by grounding human potential in athleticism."

Very clever and very consistent with the brand proposition. This visual and verbal expression may vary dependent on culture and country but the brand intent and attitude is always consistent.




"Great brand propositions and expressions are universally understood, believable, actionable and stand the test of time."


Drive Demand Through Expression

When we see BMW’s brand mark, we don’t think of it in the form of blue and white quadrants. We think of it as the ultimate “driving machine,” and this is because expression has become synonymous with the brand proposition. The Disney brand proposition is built around family-centric entertainment. "The use of characters to create fantasy leads to being able to physically engage similar themes in a physical space, one that immerses the customer in a 360-degree, multisensory, branded experience."




Expression Creates Value

As Andy Payne mentions, consumers and audiences encounter emotion and meaning through personality and storytelling. The journey towards creating a compelling expression of your brand is never complete. Brand propositions, personality, and expressions have to be continually evaluated, evolved, and reevaluated.

In this era virtual reality and digital distraction, make it your priority to explore the compelling territory of emotional enticement. Trade shows and events are the grand avenues for embracing this territory.

"Brands that claim powerful emotional propositions and capture them with an exciting world of expression, have the ability to maintain a fond place in the mind of their audiences now and in the future."


The great thing is, you do not have to be a life style brand to capture emotions.

You can be in the forefront of technology and still be in the business of emotions.


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