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Experience Trade Show Zen with Skyline at ExhibitorLive 2017

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Jan 13, 2017 4:04:14 PM

We invite you to experience trade show Zen with us at EXHIBITORLive 2017.

Take a break from the stress and hustle of trade show meetings, planning, and logistics, and let us treat you to a relaxing Zen garden environment at booth 1239.  Clear your mind of deadlines, logistical challenges, and the pressure to prove an ROI with a refreshing Zen experience, complete with tea sampling, Asian sweets and a daily chance to win a $200 gift certificate to the BathHouse Spa in the Delano Hotel for a Zen treat.




Explore to start your Zen experience, learn about our show offerings, Bathhouse spa giveaway, or book an appointment with a Skyline representative during the show.

When you schedule an appointment you are automatically entered to win one of two EXHIBITORLive complimentary scholarships, a $2,695 value, including an All-Access pass to EXHIBITORLive.

You may also visit us at our (10’ x 10’) space at booth 1337, which will feature demonstrations of one of our most innovative product, Windscape® Exhibit System, the world’s first air-powered exhibit system.

Like us on Facebook to view our live stream during the show! We will be live streaming a tour of our Zen experience and a demo of the easy set-up of our WindScape tower at 12 pm and 2 pm on March 13th-15th.

You may request a free Guest pass to the exhibit hall at this link.



The concept is very simple. Bodhirama, the father of Zen defines it as:

A special transmission outside the scriptures;
No dependence on words and letters;
Direct pointing to the mind of man;
Seeing into one's nature and attaining Buddhahood.


All beings by nature are Buddhas,
as ice by nature is water.
Apart from water there is no ice;
apart from beings, no Buddhas.

Hakuin Ekaku

As a discipline, Zen is extremely hard to practice. It is a difficult path, and it is not for everyone. (Because Zen is about coming face-to-face with yourself, in a very direct and intimate way.) And, if you have tried, you know how terrifying it is to face your internal demons.

The meditation practice of Zen, called "zazen" in Japanese, is the heart of Zen. Daily zazen is the foundation of Zen practice. The first thing about walking on this path is to give up logical thinking and avoid getting trapped in a world of words. Very contrary to our way of life.


TRADE SHOW ZEN final.jpg


Wherever, Zen has taken roots, it has never been a popular sect of Buddhism as a spiritual practice.

Nonetheless, the concept of Zen has taken hold of our mass sub-conscoiusness and it has become fahionable to be Zen like., (whatever that may be). Zen has it's strong impact on art, architecture and interior design. It influenced a generation of New York artists and intellectuals from Erich Fromm to John Cage, and somehow the word ‘Zen’ have come to invoke a mysterious spiritualised 'something'. Without much thought, we often say, "It is very Zen",  usually, when we experience a moment of quiet solitude.

Actiually, there is no scarcity of the word Zen in our urban lexicon. Interestingly enough, lists titles about "Zen and the art of archery, flower arranging, motorcycle maintenance, writing, knitting, falling in love, football, stand-up comedy, living with fearlessness and grace, the internet, murder, chilling, post-modern philosophy, the monologue, and the list goes on and on". Anything, you can think about, you can do it with Zen.

And now, we have TRADE SHOW ZEN. Come, check us out and win complimentary scholarship to expand your knowledge of trade show marketing.

While we are in the topic of Zen, you might like Experimentation with Zen.

Would love to hear your thoughts.



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