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Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Jan 28, 2016 2:46:12 PM




Getting back in the space, getting back into writing.

Thank you Gordon Nary, for giving me the much needed nudge to get my act together. And, for my other readers, I am ever so grateful for your patience. Thank you for understanding that given any circumstances, I always strive for quality over quantity.

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Face to Face Marketing: The Millennials Have Arrived.

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Aug 27, 2012 10:29:00 AM

"Are you ready to communicate with them?"

Technology is the language and the fashion of this generation. Extremely savvy and constantly wired this generation could be the most educated in American history (according to a study conducted by Pew Research Center). Being "digital natives", they are on a path of constant learning, upgrading and sharing. In her book, Chasing Youth Culture And Getting It Right, Tina Wells discusses how crucial technology is in their lives. "If you want to engage with Millennials, you must understand the role technology plays in their lives. When we get scared of it as marketers, we tend to disconnect with our consumers. Technology doesn’t kill magazines or newspapers or music. What hurts these media is when we decide to stop innovating. Content is king, and always will be. Create an engaging experience with content, no matter what the platform, and consumers will engage"

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Design Trends 2012 and Beyond: A Multi-Generational Experience!

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on May 11, 2012 7:03:00 PM


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Art of Interactivity: Emotional Intelligence in Face to Face Marketing!

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on May 4, 2012 10:46:00 AM

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Art of Presentation: Magnetism in Metaphors

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Nov 7, 2011 9:37:00 PM

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