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What Drives Customer Decisions? Growing human traits in your brand DNA is one of them

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Oct 17, 2019 11:51:59 AM




Every day, we are bombarded by numberless brand impressions.

Advertisements, news reports, white papers, videos, amusing presentations, philosophical abstracts: you name it they are all there. Now, compound that with conversations with family, friends, and product experiences. You get the picture.

But, unless we are actively shopping, much of that exposure appears wasted.

Or, does it?

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The Winds of Change: Global Launch Event!

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on May 3, 2013 1:30:00 PM

From the company known for innovation and recognized for it, comes a revolutionary new product that will change exhibiting for ever.

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Booth Design Ideas: Stimulating Depths!

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Oct 8, 2012 3:31:00 PM

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Memorable Booth Design: Tempting Textures + Luring Lights

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Aug 2, 2012 11:43:00 AM

Create a compelling environment. Unleash the memory capsule.

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Peninsula Booth Design Inspiration: Captivating Curves!

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Jun 4, 2012 1:08:00 PM

During the launch of Levi's Curve ID jeans in 2010, Levis launched a 5 week integrated marketing campaign that touched on experiential marketing, social media and outdoor events in shopping malls and city centers throughout the UK.
Brand ambassadors for Levi's encouraged women to find their perfect curve jeans shape in-store for the chance to win a £1000 Levi's shopping spree. The idea behind the campaign was to drive long-term engagement with the brand and needless to say it was a stroke of marketing genius that has been reaping phenomenal results.

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Color: The Occult Power of Communication!

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on May 24, 2012 3:19:00 PM


Color is a channel for non-verbal communication. It communicates to us at a cellular level.

Zara Stender, chair holder with the Color Marketing Group (CMG) professes the power in color to influence moods, emotions, hunger, aggression—and buying decisions. “Color increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent, and it can be up to 85 percent of the reason people decide to buy,” as Stender mentioned in the Global Shop Conference 2012.

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Modish Minimalism: Harmony in Booth Design.

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on May 18, 2012 1:43:00 PM

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Booth Design–Trendy in Turquoise: A Sure-fire Way to Success!

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Apr 18, 2012 1:32:00 PM

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Trade Show Design Displays: In Pursuit of Perception.

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Feb 11, 2012 9:22:00 AM


BRAND Perception Matters!

In a visual marketing bazaar such as trade fairs and conventions, every visit to your booth space leads to a build up of pre-conceived notion that is carried on every subsequent encounter that your clients might have with your products and or your services. Be very purposeful as to how you want your brand to be perceived.

You walk into a space of clutter, confusion and mundane the products and services will be perceived as such. On the other hand you walk into a space of elegance, simplicity and controlled light; you are in a perceptual space of high technology and smart efficiency.

You see, simplicity and complexity are mutually dependent. Because, technology only continues to grow more complex; there is a massive economic and emotional advantage to present it in a simple and humanized space.


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Brand Exhibiting: The Socratic Way.

Posted by sarmistha tarafder on Jan 30, 2012 2:07:00 PM

"Can you tell me, Socrates, whether virtue is acquired by teaching or by practice; or if neither by teaching nor practice, then whether it comes to man by nature, or in what other way?"

The year was 350 B.C.E. The day was just like today, one cold sunny afternoon. [I can only imagine!]
Plato, who documented every move of this magical sage writes that Socrates tells Meno that "he not only does not know if virtue can be taught, but does not understand the nature of virtue." Meno shudders, his conviction challenged, he tastes the dialectic method for which Socrates sacrificed his life.

For ages, Socrates has been revered as the grand master of intellectual eloquence and inquiry: the ideal critical thinker. It is not one idea that earned him this seat of distinguished honor. It is his method of questioning and cross-examination of opposing views that leads to illumination of ideas. Engaging in the Socratic Method makes us confident about the experience of questioning anything including our own ideas and beliefs. By constantly asking critical questions, dynamic brands are in a perpetual state of flux. Brands like Southwest Airlines, Zappos, Google, Virgin or Starbucks constantly align themselves to the questions of the times. They are courageously passionate about doing business in a more "virtuous" fashion that brings value to the clients and adds momentum to their balance sheets. Their "brand virtue" goes through the high standards of Socratic questioning time and time again. (“Virtue” is not a term that marketers use, yet as a concept it explains growing consumer expectations toward brands and companies.)

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