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  • creative marketing ideas
  • creative marketing ideas
  • creative marketing ideas

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"How do I stay ahead of the game?"

Using patented “perspective-distortion correction” technology, the IntelMemo mirror shows 360-degree back and side views of each outfit, and “remembers” each of them so they can be reviewed from the mirror interface afterwards – this is how the brick and mortar version of Neiman Marcus is staying ahead of the high-end digital fashion industry.


Find out how you can do the same in the 24/7 'ON' market place.

Download this in-depth visual book and learn these common sense marketing ideas to stay ahead of your competition.


  1. How to rise above the mediocrity in the smaller booth spaces.
  2. How to create compelling offers in inline spaces and create buzz
  3. The different offers you can provide when you are exhibiting at trade shows
  4. How you can grow your business
  5. How to move out of your comfort zone and strive for "Bigger, Bolder and Better"