Envoy: The Future of Exhibiting is Here

Envoy is helping Skyline capture market share in the Custom Modular arena. More options are now available to meet current trends and the needs of our savvy customers. Envoy, now with square and angular corners, merchandising accessories and more, provides a truly custom look, with all the benefits of a modular system.




Envoy is setting the standard for elegance in exhibiting. Its curved corners provide a soft, clean look while its sleek profile allows graphics to stand out. Envoy's lightweight aluminum frame is 4-inches deep to provide a feeling of mass, support a variety of accessories and hide unsightly wires.

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  • Skyline_Envoy Island Booth With Theater
  • Skyline_Envoy Island Booth in Tiers
  • Skyline_Envoy Island Design
  • Skyline_Envoy Island Peninsula
  • Skyline_Envoy Angle Design
  • Skyline_Angled Envoy


Envoy gives exhibitors the unrivaled advantage of a clean, modern look in a lighter-weight custom modular system.


Envoy® - Winner of Buyer's Choice Award

Envoy® - From Concept to Realization

Envoy® - Product Details


Revolutionary. Award Winning!

Elegant Architechture. Designed for Fashion and Function!



Buyers Choice Award!

Upon its release, Envoy won the prestigious Buyers Choice Award, which recognizes the best new products at EXHIBITOR Show, the biggest event in the trade show industry.



Sleek and Streamlined

Envoy® is designed to allow graphics to stand out. Sleek, modular structure features Skyline's exclusive FlexLock® fabric Connection System, which conceals fabric to hardware connection.



Brilliant 2-Sided Lighting

Stand out with double-sided backlit graphics! Envoy, with Skyline Performa® fabric and energy-efficient Skyline LED lighting, attracts attention and hides all wires for a clean look.




Envoy shelves and counters integrate seamlessly for a professional look and brand presentation.



Perfect For Backlighting and Wire Management

With Envoy's 4-inch panel depth, it's perfect for double-sided backlit graphics while hiding unsightly wires and technology connections.



Stylish Counters & Seating

Custom modular Envoy can be designed to fit your every need. Built-in counters or seating add functionality for staffers while maintaining a design that is seamless and streamlined.