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How to Design A Trade Show Booth

Published on Jul 24, 2014 7:45:00 PM

March 16, 2012

By Judy Fairbanks

If they’re lucky, every trade show exhibit manager gets to ask this question at least once in their career.  Here are some things to keep in mind during the all important design planning phase.

Express Your Brand Consistently

Brand management is not just for the big players.  It is something any company can do in any stage of a business.  Over time, consistent branding defines your identity, builds recognition and creates preference.  In fact, designing a trade show display becomes much easier (and more fun) when you can follow a clearly established guideline.

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Design an Authentic Vignette to Demo Your Product

Case Study: Verbatim was showcasing their LED lighting products at Light Fair.  They designed authentic scenarios, placing the products in their natural environment like outdoor patios and commercial office spaces.  This strategy can work for any product because nothing communicates like the truth.  How would you apply it to your products?

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Compress Your Display into Compact Shipping Cases

Typically, exhibitors are frustrated with the high costs of drayage, shipping and storage. Modular, lightweight metal and fabric displays that pack down into fewer crates can dramatically reduce expenses. When you are presented with an exhibit design, be sure to ask for its total weight and the corresponding number of crates it will pack down into.  The lower the numbers, the better.

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Distinguish a Messaging Hierarchy

Especially for companies with multiple product lines, it is important to clearly establish an umbrella relationship between the single, overarching brand and the array of products underneath.  This is often accomplished through signage — and is a fun and creative part of designing a new trade show booth.

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Learn More by Networking with Experts

Investigate continuing education seminars on topics like Social Media for Trade Show Displays, Sales Training Techniques, Direct Marketing Strategies and of course, Exhibit Design and Promotion.  Gaining maximum value and results from your trade show program is a meets-minimum requirement in today’s challenging economy.

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