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New Exhibitors

Trade shows require a wide array of skills, including marketing, planning, team-building, and more. This book equip you with these skills to succeed.


Inline Exhibitors

Inlline Booth is the workhorse of the show. This book gives you the inline exhibitors the skill and knowledge to strike out and be compelling.


Island Exhibitors

Welcome to the Big Time. The commitment is big. So is the potential. Explore advanced methods of trade show marketing that is uique to your space.


Promotions & Social Media

Use social media as a power tool to reach, engage, invite, and inspire attendees to visit exhibitor's booths.


Deliberately Design Your Exhibit for Immense Impact

The big question is how do you strike a positive impression that extends beyond the show floor. Gain ideas on powerful presentations, memorable give aways and designs that screams attention.




Your Exhibit Design Starts the Conversation: Explore How It May Reflect your Brand Values

Get people to do what you want. The principles of design are the building blocks to attain certain goals. Learn them, internalise them and use them to maximize your ROI.


Why Attend Trade Shows and Events

81% of trade show attendees have buying authority.  This means more than 4 out of 5 people walking the aisles are potential customers for exhibitors. Learn more

Evolving Role of Trade Show Managers

Get the inside scoop on trade show marketers just like you and learn what they are doing to stretch budget, and the tools that they are incorpating

Boost Your Results

Learn what you need to do in these 7 key area from other smart exhibitors: Budgeting, Measuring Results, Lead Management, Exhibit Design and more.


The Trend to Custom Modular

Compare your exhibit program to the industry bench mark. Learn why custom Modular lends greater impact, higher flexibility and greater return on ROI