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Most exhibitors are loyal to their favorite trade shows and expos. But if you start to see diminishing returns on your exhibit dollar, it may be time to broaden your horizon.

Exhibit Planning and Logistics — Post-show Strategy Template




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Giving time to your planning process helps you to stream line your design and align your brand with the purpose of your trade show exhibiting.

  Emotive Engagement — Big Picture Planning and Executing





The pandemic has changed the course of the planet, and re-routed many businesses. If trade shows are in your tool box or not, here is what you need to know

  Budgeting and Measurement — Post-pandemic Lead Management



flowers and bread with image noting  that recipe for boring is to say everything

Design deliberation for thinking and conversing — 6 exhibit design recipes for for elegant simplicity. Make intelligent use of  3 dimensional call to action.

Exhibit Design and Marketing — Design for Emotive Engagement




Your exhibit house needs enough information in a Request for Proposal (RFP) so the design team understands what your company goals are for the show. 

  Exhibit Design and Marketing — RFP for Your Booth Design




Do you have a physical product to sell? Here are 8 ideas to better display your products and highlight your services for notable consequences. 

Exhibit Design and Marketing — Product Display ideas 




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Experiential Marketing (This will take you to Linkedin post)



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