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If you have not yet noticed, leads are becoming harder to obtain with the ever-growing amount of competition in each industry and the amount of marketing avenues companies now have at their fingertips to try and reach their prospects. Traditional marketing know-how such as promoting your trade show to your email lists, using a great staff to welcome prospects, using an efficient lead collecting system, and creating a unique experience in your booth are all helpful in obtaining leads.

But there is more we can be doing.



And if you’re not, you may be falling behind.

If you are not focused on utilizing the internet to your benefit in reaching your consumers, there are others in your industry who are. And they are grabbing the attention of your potential trade show leads. While more people than ever have access to the internet, the same goes for businesses who are marketing to those potential customers as well. This makes it quite a competitive ball game.

The difference in making your business stand out is stepping outside of the box in terms of lead generation tactics. For trade show marketers, this means finding new ways to get shoppers excited to come into your booth far before the show has even started.

But before you can get them excited, you must get in front of them first. This is the tricky part, but there are ways that many businesses – including yours – can do this and find success.



Your lead generation success is going to take more than throwing money into paid marketing.

There was a time when things like paid email lists, banner ads, and really any pop-up advertising could make some sort of impact. However, customers have become smarter, and they know exactly what to look for and what to avoid when it comes to finding what they need.

Rather than trying to interrupt them and steal their attention, try to earn their attention.


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Demand for #exhibits has slowly been ramping up in 2021. Unfortunately, #supplychain delays, ead time fluctuations are new challenges to consider due to the #pandemic.



How do you earn the attention of a potential trade show lead?

This is where SEO comes in


Well, when you think about it this way, those who are attending a trade show will probably not do so before searching (most likely via Google) the event beforehand. They will probably interact with it online at some point.


4 attendee loving tech


Search engine optimization (SEO), which is based on creating high-quality content that internet users can find value in, is a driving factor in lead generation. Creating useful information and experiences for those who are interested in the trade show where you exhibit each year could bring in valuable leads.


If someone is searching for information about a trade show and you can provide that information and then some, you’ll become high up on that searcher’s radar. If you can offer information that trade show attendees are constantly searching for, you will be rewarded for this content by being shown higher up in search engines. Showing up first means more clicks, which means more site traffic, more engagement, greater brand recognition, built trust, and more potential leads when it comes time for your trade show.


Some tips include creating long-form, keyword-focused content, ensuring a great user experience to minimize bounce rates, and utilize meta tags, descriptions, and SEO plugins.






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You are pumping out a lot of content. Yet, it seems like it is getting harder and harder to get eyes on your #content. Nothing catches their attention. Why? There is more competition for your eyeballs now than ever before.





SEO IS a long-term game


Since SEO is more of a marathon than a sprint, it may take some time and patience. Plenty of content creation will be required to see results. However, this continued effort is worth it as organic marketing is much more effective than outbound.

While outbound (paid) marketing is shooting your messaging to anyone and everyone, inbound marketing reaches an audience who is truly interested in what you have to offer. This makes a world of difference in your conversion rates.





While quality content is a huge aspect of SEO, there’s even more that you can do


When promoting your upcoming event, another useful way to boost your business in search engines is through link building and backlinking. Building links back to your website is a huge traffic driver, driving visitors to your website and ultimately your trade show booth if you do it well.


So, what’s the best way to do this? Incorporate your social media into your marketing plans! By generating buzz and highly engaging posts linked to your website, visitors will be updated on your trade show when they get to your site. This is where it’s important to convince them of why they should attend. Make sure to utilize the show’s hashtag when posting on social media so that you show up when users are searching for that event.



Stuffed-with-SruprisesA 2007 study finds that more adolescents suffer from memory loss, attention disorders, and low self-control levels.

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Depending on your target audience and budget, another potential way for people to find and follow your links is by connecting with influencers. Just make sure their values and interests align with your industry and own company’s goals. You will also want to create an agreement for the influencer to link to your website and get their audience excited about your product, service, or upcoming event. This could open up a whole new pool of prospects for you!




Creating social media content that is useful and especially sharable will get the word out about your upcoming event as more and more people share the posts. You can even utilize online press releases that will generate links back to your website.


These days, writing a post on social media to announce that you will be exhibiting at an upcoming trade show is only the tip of the iceberg to what you should be doing to promote your events online. Constant blogging, backlinking, using the event hashtag, and creating any useful content that you can about your involvement in the events that you attend will begin to catch wind and bring new customers to your website. And again, this is where you will want to convince them to come to check you out at the show.


Happy SEO-ing! Let us know if we can be of assistance in your trade show marketing goals.

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Create a calendar for event marketing.

1. Work with your designer to conceptualize any infographics, Twitter cards, Pinterest Pins, social display ads or other visuals for your campaign. The free software from Pablo makes the process easier, with more than 600,000 images and two dozen fonts you can use to create social media graphics.


2. Add your event to your email signature. Make use of our own Trade Show Selector Tool to do your research for various industry-specific trade associations.


3. Create an event page on LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Eventbrite, as well as on your own website or use other technology as cited in this article.


4. Submit the event to the relevant industry directories, so that it shows up in various listings.


5. Create a highlight reel from last year’s event, and pepper it with verbage from your Chief Marketing Officer and the VP of Product Marketing. Upload it to your YouTube channel.

Re-purpose, it for Facebook and Instagram, and used a teaser for the next event.


6. Designate a social media leader to be the primary voice and driver for your messaging.


hashtags for events and trade shows

6. Find out what the show’s official hashtag will be, and come up with your own action specific brand hashtag. You might want to check out how we did it.



custom islands



1. Commit to doing X posts per day/week on each of your social platforms


2. Amplify your updates via promoted posts, tweets, and updates to reach new, lookalike audiences.


3. Send a LinkedIn InMail to prospects you’d love to see at the conference and expo, to alert them to your attendance.

4. Upload any and all email lists to AdWords, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and create Custom Audience campaigns to serve display ads to just these people.

5. Participate in any discussion groups on LinkedIn that are relevant to your event.

6. Start following the show hashtag several weeks in advance to stay up to date on what’s trending.



 portablelinear booth






1. Use Facebook live to capture and webcast the most exciting moments as they occur.

2. Use photos of attendees in your social updates. ID the people (with their permission) to encourage social sharing and interaction.

3. Utilize HootSuite or another social scheduler to post on your behalf when you are busy at the show.

4. Use the Twitter @ sign to engage directly with your sponsored speakers or other known social brand champions in attendance.

5. Engage in social listening to see what topics and events attendees are interested in.


6. Respond to other attendee questions, rather than just inviting people to come to your booth.







1. Go through any leads you gathered, and connect with those people on LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter, or like their business page on Facebook.


2. Follow up with your leads and connections via email.

3. Post an event summary on your blog, with photos of the show highlights.

4. Create and share a Twitter Moment of the event highlights.


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5. Most importantly, nurture your social leads and build your network year-round, rather than being a fair-weather user.


6. Effective social media usage means being an active and engaged part of your social community!


7. Social media for commerce - Instagram announced that they are rolling out  in-app payments, meaning that you can buy from the photo directly, without having to leave Instagram to visit a website - a boon for mall business owners


9. Design connectivity points to inspire the heart and educate the mind of your connected customers


10. The brand longevity depends on how adaptable the brand is. Listen, learn and change based on the needs of your connected customers.