Privacy, exclusivity or be it simply for lounging are the some of the reasons that you want to incorporate sitting areas in your booth space.

Conduct business in customized conference rooms, lounges and sitting areas integrated seamlessly into your event space.




Double Deck Privacy

Rise above the hectic show floor for private business or presentations.



Private Presentations

Technology built into the conference room allows for private presentations.



Elegant Settings

Set the stage to immerse your clients in a unique experience. Skyline can create the perfect space to represent your brand.


“I know I’m going to be using Skyline now for all of my trade shows. There’s no reason to go with anybody else when the next best option is higher price and fewer services.”

Charlie Hoertz
Americas Marketing Manager, ASK Chemicals



VIP Lounge Impresses

At CES, highly qualified buyers were invited to the VIP lounge for refreshments and meeting a celebrity representative



Big Business Privacy

Multi-million dollar deals are better negotiated in the comfort of controlled, private environments away from the trade show floor.



Available For Rent

Skyline conference rooms in all styles and sizes are available for rent.


“The combination of our new products, Lady Gaga and the booth were the perfect storm in a good way.”

Senior Vice President, Polaroid