Determine how to integrate face-to-face meetings and new technology based on your specific objectives. For example, many companies are using technology for preliminary discussions or training, followed by in-person meetings to build relationships, present critical information and move forward on a project.








Watch the video and get a flavor of how technology can be integrated with face to face marketing.



 “Huge volume in traffic is the key, and this show proved to be one of the most successful experiences we’ve had.”


Matthew Clasby
Director of Special Events, Lionsgate



Crowds Attract Crowds

Consider entertaining, in-booth activities to attract an audience. Activities that relate to your product or message will connect with attendees and help you stand out from your competitors.



Hands-On For Memorability

Interactive presentations are an easy way to engage attendees and convey your message. Hands-on experiences are much more memorable and are a great way to demonstrate your products and benefits.



Technology Targets

Motion graphics attract attention and are memorable. Make an impact on attendees and convey your message quickly and clearly with digital presentations – whether it's video or looping images.


“Skyline helps translate our message to our audience. They take us and our brand seriously.”

Nicholas de Janosi
Head of Marketing Communications, Americas, Thomson Reuters



Self-Guided, Digital Tours

Tablets loaded with your interactive content make information easily accessible and allow attendees to find products or services that interest them. Locate tablets within an area that is comfortable to approach.



Engage At The Aisle

Counters near the aisle can be important. They provide a place to engage and take leads while storing giveaways or literature out of sight, yet within reach. Consider a secure lead management system.




Tables, counters and closets are invaluable for most exhibitors. Strategically placed within a well-designed exhibit, they help staffers function by making certain items accessible and valuables securely stowed.

“With branding on such a grand scale, it was impossible to miss our booth.”

Keith Cox
Trade Marketing Manager, Activision Blizzard