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The Internet of Things — The Crazy Cool and the Scary Plausibility


How Artificial Intelligence & the Internet of Things Will Transform Industries

From top executives at leading global companies who have successfully applied AI to grow their enterprises, here is an excerpt — "Silicon is becoming much more powerful at an accelerating clip [and] you are thinking about the types of silicon required for doing AI model training and AI inference, that particular type of computing power is growing by maybe a factor of 10X in terms of price performance over the past five years. We see that trend line continuing for probably another five orders of magnitude emerging over the next eight years or so."

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Traditional businesses will develop new business models out of IoT

A number of small, rural utilities have begun to sell broadband services by leveraging their investments for smart meters in a new way. Large utilities and manufacturers study plans to commercialize their in-house IoT applications for predictive maintenance. Equipment makers are attaching value-added services to devices they sell. Companies initially invest in IoT to save money, but over time they will look to the same systems to generate revenue as well.

Questions explored: Why real-time data will rule, how industrial applications could drive market growth, and why the need for edge computing will become more urgent"


Commodious Concern over Security when it comes to IoT

The Internet of Things fuses products with communications technology to make daily life more effortless. Think Amazon's Alexa, which not only answers questions and plays music but allows you to control your home's lights and thermostat. Or the current generation of implanted pacemakers, which can both receive commands and send information to doctors over the internet. IoT security has been a predominant topic of discussion, both for IoT businesses and their end users, for the last decade. Several widely publicized incidents demonstrated how easy it was for unsecured IoT devices to be manipulated for malicious intent.





IoT devices are not islands. They link up across Cloud infrastructure and the data they generate flows across, and in and out, of the connected parts. Cloud security is paramount, and you should look at a number of areas within the Cloud part of your IoT deployment.



Best Practices Separating IoT Leaders From Laggards —Business Leaders, to Move Forward — Define How IoT will Create Value


Internet of Things (IoT)—the network of digitally connected devices whose economic value could amount to trillions of dollars per year—the IoT’s impact varies greatly from one company to next. Many enterprises have launched pilot projects to develop IoT-enabled products and services or use the IoT to achieve operational improvements. Explore the research.



Spying made shinier, simpler and cheaper

"With the rise of the internet of things, we could see everything from our fridges to our thermostats trying to monetize our usage and patterns. Dystopian? Yes, but as this article points out, there may be an upside: the devices spying on you might get cheaper."


New Startups are Cropping up Aimed at Connecting Devices using an IoT Platform and a Connection from AT&T

The startup, Blue Wireless, sells a module that comes with cellular radios and a set fee that will cover the cost of the board and the data used. Other Start ups include: Particle, Electric Imp, and others also offer. Read here.


What the Heck is LiFi?

Imagine using light to deliver data between a bulb and a device. The challenge is that the light has to be able to shine on the device — a phone, for example — in order for the device to receive the data. And that means that phones in pockets or bags won’t work in such a system. This feels like a big hurdle, but Signify seems to be using the feature as a selling point by stressing its security. Because the data transmitted via light can’t be read without being in the room with the light, such communications are more secure.

25 IoT Startups to Watch in 2019



2019 IoT Cutting Edge IoT Conferences


Fog World Congress

"If you haven’t heard about Fog Computing yet—a.k.a. Cloud to Thing—you will soon. Fog computing is similar to edge computing but not quite the same thing. Fog is distributed computing, storage, control, and networking services uniquely designed to support IoT, 5G mobile systems, big data, edge analytics, and embedded AI. There’s even an immersive fog that can connect devices in ways that overcome traditional network constraints and computes in real time, beyond the resource limitations of IoT devices."


Linux Foundation OpenIoT Summit

"If you are a developer working with IoT, this is where you need to be. Whether you're a Linux wizard or aren’t all that familiar with Linux yet, you’ll walk away with better skills and higher earning power."


Internet of Things Developer Conference

"This conference is uniquely for programmers working with IoT, machine learning, and AI—and for those who want to hire them. You’ll also find plenty of opportunities to learn through developer tip sharing, hands-on demonstrations, and expert guidance in sessions and socials."


IoT World 2019

"Though IoT is far from mature, it is growing up quickly. Technical audiences are more interested in how to optimize IoT business models, developer processes, and hardware and software investments than in what shiny thing comes next. This event hits a sweet spot in building ecosystems and developing partnerships to master increasingly sophisticated IoT uses."


IoT Tech Expo

 "IoT Tech Expo is one of the biggest IoT conference series in the world, with hundreds of companies participating and more than 12,000 attendees expected at the 2019 Global Expo alone. Of last year’s attendees, 56 percent were director-level and above, such as CTO, IT director, or startup founder. It’s targeted to a myriad mix of verticals including OEMs, government, automotive, operators, technology providers, investors, and venture capitalists."



"The ACM/IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things Design and Implementation (IoTDI) is an entirely different kind of IoT conference. Esoteric by design, this conference is highly technical and focused on the interconnection of IoT with both cloud computing and cyber-physical systems. This conference is a brain-twisting, mind-boggling deep dive into the technical realm where cyber, physical, and social systems merge. You’ll find it equal parts inspiring and vexing, but never dull."


Industry of Things World USA

"The conference serves an audience of executives more interested in the business end of IIoT than the technical end. This conference is tailor-made for executives looking to remake business models, capture rewards, mitigate risks, and learn and network with peers wrangling with these same concerns around IIoT.. For 2019, the emphasis is on identifying new business models, competing with or becoming industry disruptors, optimizing ROI, balancing human talent with AI for maximum profit, and modernizing infrastructures and services."


IoT Evolution Expo

"This conference is for IT professionals who are adding or managing IoT and related technologies as a part of IT operations. Sessions include on nearly every aspect of IoT in enterprise operations, such as IoT related bandwidth challenges, gateway architectures, remote monitoring, asset management, deployment rollouts, and interoperability issues. There are also sessions and tracks on business intelligence, analytics, and security."





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