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AIand retail



Retail includes:

Consumer Products and Other Value Added Retail Products


retail adoption acceptance

Source: PwC Research



Core Benefits of AI in Retail



Startups capitalizing on these benefits reaped from AI


Sizing & Styling: FindMine, Invertex, Bold Metrics


Network of physical locations and online capabilities lead to innovation

Walmart has a tech incubator called Store No. 8 in Silicon Valley to “incubate, invest in, and work with other startups, venture capitalists and academics to develop its own proprietary robotics, virtual and augmented reality, machine learning and artificial intelligence technology.”

Lauren Desegur, VP of customer experience engineering at WalmartLabs said, “We’re essentially creating a bridge where we are enhancing the shopping experience through machine learning. We want to make sure there is a seamless experience between what customers do online and what they do in our stores.”






Startups that are on the cutting edge of retail


Maxerience is involved in embedded system and visual intelligence to provide business analytics in consumer space. Their IP’s transform standard vision and detection algorithms to give an accuracy improvement of 3x in dynamic environments.




FaceMedia, implements face and body-detection based technologies to deliver solutions for retail, digital signage, and advertising. They help customers analyze consumer insights and identify key metrics about visitors of shopping malls.



DressLife empowers online shoppers to filter clothing according to their probability of keeping and liking the product based on an artificial neural network.

DigitalBridge is a magical room visualization tool that allows your customers to see what your home- decoration products look like in their room. Their computer vision technology analyzes and generates a 3D space to work from.




GoFindAI uses deep learning models on over 20 million images from 600+ US-based eCommerce stores. Once trained, the app’s intelligence analyzes patterns, structures, styles, and other details for recommendations.




Focal Systems deploys Computer Vision technology via an easy- to-use tablet mounted on shopping cart handle-bars. The tablet allows real- time out-of-stock detection for retailers, digital advertising for advertisers, and deal-finding for shoppers.




Other Benefits of AI in Retail


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