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The Human Thinking Artificial Intelligence


Third-wave AI is supposed to aid human thinking, by making sense of the independent world and its varying contexts

Scientists are developing an AI ecosystem, Mind.AI that is touted of being comparable to human intelligence. Aside from being able to learn autonomously, Mind’s AI can generalize and even reason abstractly through natural language. Instead of using vast amounts of computational power, Mind aims to build its AI through patented proprietary data structures called “canonicals.”


Examples of artificial intelligence that can act as an aid to Entrepreneurs       


Growthbot, compiles and analyzes marketing data and research such as search engine optimization (SEO) keywords, competitor intelligence and prospect leads. This way, entrepreneurs can ask chatbot questions in order to get timely insights about your business and even your competitors.


Trove is a cloud-based AI-driven tool finds patterns in conversations (email and social networks) and makes them searchable. This helps entrepreneurs in feeling the pulse of the conversation and should help them better navigate their social connections.


Nueromation helps projects use synthetic data (information that's artificially manufactured rather than generated by real-world events) to help AI learn and improve its algorithms. Among its solutions are AI-powered cameras that feature superior facial or feature recognition capabilities. Accurate detection and classification could benefit entrepreneurs working on different projects , including, security, retail or even self-driving vehicles.


Micro-investing app Mylo uses AI to help bootstrapped solopreneurs start an investment portfolio without any fuss. The app takes your spare change from purchases and invests the money in a diversified portfolio tailored to your preferences.


Roger, can automate the accounts payable flow, or any other mundane tasks that are critical part of the business. When it comes to accounts payable, entrepreneurs simply have to scan bills and the system sends it through a streamlined process to ensure that bills are paid on time and reconciled with the books.


The adaptive smart assistant Aigo, can remember and learn from the conversation of the 'multi-tasking' entrepreneurs, so that they will be able to sustain meaningful conversations with you as if you are chatting with an actual person that knows you.


Artificial Intelligence decision making process is not there yet. It is called ed the AI black box dilemma, as explained in this piece by Sentient. A possible solution is to use blockchain's transparent record keeping to keep track of AI's “thought process” and make AI accountable for its decisions.


The third-wave AI, should trigger dynamic and agile methods where systems would be able to work through sprints and iterations rather than in the conventional linear fashion. Hitachi already uses AI to automatically adjust equipment settings in every production run for greater efficiency, as reported by TechTarget.



Artificial Intelligence is devoid of intelligence when it comes making people talk about your products and services. Know the design additives to get people to talk about your product.


Not, very artificial, but the technology that entrepreneurs and marketers should integrate in their process.






Industries Disrupted by Robots and AI



Agriculture is now an exciting high-tech industry, drawing new professionals, new companies and new investors. Goldman Sachs estimates precision farming — the combination of agriculture and technology — could be a $240 billion market by 2050. Automation will be a key piece of the puzzle. Market tracker Euromonitor says the intersection of robotics, artificial intelligence, analytics and machines for precision farming is one of the industry's top business opportunities.

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Call Centers:

“Thanks to Artificial Intelligence through deep learning with Google's TensorFlow platform, we were able to automate 56.9 percent of queries.” Cristian Rennella, CEO and co-founder,


Energy and Mining:

Machine learning is applied to drilling, information from seismic vibrations, thermal gradients, strata permeability, pressure differentials, to name a few. Recent developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are changing the way mining companies do business. 



"AI is currently used by healthcare innovators to predict diseases, identify high-risk patient groups, automate diagnostic tests and to increase speed and accuracy of treatment. It can also be used to improve drug formulations, predictive care, and DNA analysis that can positively impact quality of healthcare and affect human lives."  More on tipping points on HealthTech and Blockchain


Intellectual Property: - "The company is using technology in 2D and 3D image recognition and artificial intelligence to provide visual search solutions. Through a combination of proprietary search algorithms and machine learning, the technology understands and thinks like humans, contextualizing and recognizing if one thing is visually like something else."


Manufacturing and Supply Chain:

Industries dealing with complex knowledge requirements such as pharma and healthcare are vigorously planning and testing for the near future.

Vehicle manufacturers in particular — is also using AI focus on automation and optimization.

According to a report released late last year by the World Economic Forum, the combination of artificial intelligence, advanced robots, additive manufacturing and the internet of things (IoT) will combine to usher in the fourth industrial revolution.



Implementing chatbots will enable retailers to dramatically increase the amount of data they can collect about the customer, giving them a competitive advantage. AI will help retailers with the ability to tailor and personalize the customer experience with a focus on making the customer happy. Digital Meets Physical in the Future of Retail

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Software Development:

"AI, has the potential to transform the entire software life cycle where AI assistants help with everything from modeling new applications with the right architecture and user experiences to analyzing the business value and impact for the organization. A combination of AI technologies like advanced machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing, and business rules will have an impact on all steps of the software development life cycle, helping developers build better software faster.” Paulo Rosado, CEO of OutSystems,


Artificial Intelligence — Making the pivot from Defense to Offense — the all powerful digital technology.

That supercomputer in your pocket is also a homing device. It’s tracking your every “like,” keeping a record of everyone you talk to, everything you buy, everything you read, and everywhere you go. Your fridge, your thermostat, your smartwatch, and your car are increasingly sending your information back to headquarters too. In the future, security cameras will track the ways our eyes dilate, and sensors on the wall will track our body temperature.


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