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Burning Health Care Issues | Unnecessary Medical Care Is More Common Than You Think
A study in Washington state found that in a single year more than 600,000 patients underwent treatment they didn’t need, at an estimated cost of $282 million. “Do no harm” should include the cost of care, too, the report author says.

How to Reduce Healthcare Cost | Many ways waste is baked into our health care system, from destroying perfectly good medication to junking brand new supplies.

Myth of Drug Expiration Dates | Test shows that many remain safe and potent for years longer.

The Booming Trade of HealthTech Startups — $3 billion in global venture funding went to biotech and pharma companies focused on cancer therapies, with about two-thirds going to U.S.-based startups. The largest anti-cancer investments, broadly, fall into two categories: oncology drugs and liquid biopsy technology.

Though tech may dominate the headlines in startup-land, it’s bio and healthcare that are seeing record influxes of capital.

Future Family, the startup offering more affordable plans for fertility services like IVF and egg freezing, is switching its business model to subscriptions.


ehealth 2.0: How health systems can gain a leadership role in digital health

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Tipping Point of Blockchain Technology — Industry Segments that is faced with Major Disruption


Financial services:

Functions that still rely on a paper trail are prime candidates for blockchain, which could streamline asset management settlements, insurance claims processing, Know Your Customer (KYC) efforts, and international payments, among other efforts.


Transportation and shipping:

In the marine industry, blockchain has the potential to speed up trade finance dramatically in the areas of processes based on fax machines for transmitting documents to the dozens of stakeholders involved. 



The healthcare industry is exploring the use of blockchain as a way to aggregate information. The technology could be used to give healthcare providers and other stakeholders secure, real-time access to error-free medical records.


Energy and Utilities:

Blockchain can serve as an inexpensive, transparent platform to record and validate financial or operational transactions across a distributed network of utilities and customers. Utilities from Austria to Brooklyn are experimenting with energy exchanges supported by blockchain.

Supply chain management:

In sprawling global supply chains comprising hundreds of vendors and touch points, blockchain could track the journey of every component or order. Such applications could revolutionize the food supply chain, for example, especially in the event of a recall.

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The potential application of blockchain is endless




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Startup World

Entrepreneurs start with an idea and a belief that their vision can have a massive impact. It doesn’t always work out that way. But when it does, the effect can be world-changing: A breakthrough startup can scramble industries, alter how we work and live, and shift talent flows around the world.

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