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The 5G Global Value Chain, including network operators, core technology and component suppliers, device OEMs, infrastructure providers, and content and application developers, is expected to grow output to $3.5 trillion in 2035 – larger than the entire mobile value chain is today. Business leaders feel strongly about 5G’s promise: 92 percent think 5G’s ability to protect sensitive data is important, while 91 percent value its potential to deliver ultra-high reliability. And nearly 70 percent are concerned that without 5G, their country will become less competitive globally. 
As this paradigm shift takes place we are excited to be your partners in the world trade.




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Our state of art manufacturing plant harnesses technology, assembles seamless design and sprinkles magic to define a space that magnifies your imagination and conveys a sense of awe and wonderment.


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As you start exploring your exhibit design & marketing in 2019, think about your connected customers. They are independent, yet highly interconnected.  "Though they are confident they can access the information they need and chart their own course, the way is often unclear and the road bumpy and winding."

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"Even as connected consumers take pride in their independence and celebrate
their individuality, they are reliant on other consumers and brands/products to
express, confirm, and even define this independence and individuality."

You will be remembered if you help people connect, remove barriers, and make your exhibit design that captures the mind and inspires the heart!





Today, digital is the norm of doing business and every enterprise is being reshaped by the tectonic trend. The trade show business is not far behind.
It is being re-constructed on the technology of bits and bytes as we speak. Employing everything from tablets and touchscreens, to proximity marketing and mobile applications, exhibitors have now found the holy grail that boost "brand awareness, enhance interaction and increase sales."

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Images in the video by Arthur Patryk and world wide web (apatryk@skybay.com)
Booth designs and architectrure is the copyright material of the respective brands.


With over 100 patents, and winner of multiple design awards, we are in the business of growing your business. We build INNOVATIVE spaces that delivers memorable brand experience for our clients attending trade shows and events


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