Eco-friendly innovation is at play in shaping the food industry

The globalization of agriculture and food distribution has boosted yields and prevented famines—and filled our winter salads with produce grown all over the world. This abundance comes at a high price.

40% of America's food goes to waste. Now, technology is able to build apps and web platforms to put the food to good use. Leloca is an app that helps restaurants minimize waste by allowing people to get deals on food (ranging from 30 to 50% off usually) within 45 minutes of a posting at nearby restaurants. Depending on your meal prefereces and the size of your household, 222 Million Tons gives you suggested grocery list. Another highly-controversial technology is LeftoverSwap. It matches people with leftover food to others in their area who would like to purchase cheap food and pick it up, and they offer "anything from pizza to produce."


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Food for Sustenance

“The main way that most people will experience climate change is through the impact on food: the food they eat, the price they pay for it, and the availability and choice that they have.” In California, which is suffering from its worst drought in a generation, about eighty per cent of all water goes toward agriculture.

A possible answer – Soylent. “It’s kind of an over-all food substitute. In theory, you could live on this entirely. In fact, you’d be pretty healthy.” While GMOs are extremely controversial, several companies are trying to engineer foods that will be nutritious for human beings. A subsidiary of DuPont is working on a heart-healthy soybean and Monsanto is developing an omega-3 enriched soybean. To combat malnutrition, researchers are working to produce a variety of cassava (a staple crop in Africa) that will provide more of the nutrients necessary in a balanced diet. Startup like Modern Meadow are on a mission to end slaughter houses save cows and help reduce carbon emissions by creating meatless meat. And, data scientist of Hampton Creek Foods are hoping to disrupt the global egg industry by actividata scientists are actively weeding out billions of proteins from hundreds of thousands of plants that is equivalent equivalent of a chicken's egg.



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Agriculture already consumes a large percentage of the earth's land surface and is destroying habitat, using up freshwater, polluting rivers oceans, and emitting greenhouse gases more extensively than almost any other human activity.  Scientific American

To counter this, we have come up with innovative places to grow food, with the aid of new Hydroponic technology. In London, a hydroponic farm was built in abandoned underground tunnels that were once air-raid shelters, so that local restaurants and stores can have fresh produce and herbs. Closer to home in Chicago, Green Sense Farms, is a one-million cubic foot of indoor growing space that is experimenting with this technology. This technology is growing in popularity because, now food can be grown without soil – very different from the 5000 year old way of doing business.

The peril of climate change has seen the spectacular growth of investment on food science and food technology. Thus, paving the way for the growth of game-changing companies. From alternative protein treats and 3D printed eats to breakfast-making robots and nutrient scanners, these futuristic food tech and food science innovations is set to lead to faster food accessibility, earth sustainability and source transparency. Afterall, we will have 9 billion people to feed... first time in 5000 years.




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