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Outstanding gain will be reaped by the Healthcare sector. Overall, annual savings from this Industrial Internet (as it is often referred to) in Healthcare could reach $1-2.5trn by 2025. In that spirit, we bring you, our contribution in... Transforming The Health Space Through Design and Marketing




This phenomenal disruption is taking place at a time when our economic growth is bombarded by ever increasing changes. Nonetheless, it has been postulated, that this transition should create new opportunities with significant upside –30 million new consumers, many of whom have never bought healthcare products before, may ultimately trigger changes that drive real improvements in productivity, in an industry segment, that has been so behind for such a long time.


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Classic cases of disruption usually triggers a significant boost in the overall industry competitiveness, which can be quite challenging, yet richly rewarding. If the experience of other industries that have undergone such disruption is any guide, the healthcare industry will see many new entrants. That means, you are now faced with the opportunity to define your market space and watch as the market will gravitate towards you.


 The winning brands in the Healthcare industry remains to be seen, but potential candidates "include companies that have ignited a powerful, self-funding upward spiral by focusing first on healthcare’s big opportunities, transforming the value equation, generating large savings, and fueling smart reinvestment in the next wave of innovation."

backlit trade show booth design
skyline bay area trade show booth
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skyline bay area trade show booth 

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skyline bay area trade show booth


Healthcare's trillion dollar disruption comes on the heel of creative convergence – of electronic health records, cloud computing, retail health kiosks, personal genomics, mobile apps wearables, home-based monitoring and much more. It is stated that the industry is poised to "create more than a dozen new 10 billion high-growth market". The question to ask yourself – are you postioned to take advantage of this disruption.


How well are you poised to define your own market space?

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