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With Disruptive Economy at Work, We Realize the Pain of Ownership


Get the edgy customized look you yearn for without the massive expense that usually follows. Our standard, very cost efficient modular trade show rental components work in harmony to create a truly unique design that is only limited by your imagination. Have us create the perfect rental display for your next show maximizing your investment. There are numerous reasons a rental solution may be right for you. If you attend one or two trade shows a year, renting may be the logical choice. It is cost effective and there are no future storage or maintenance costs to worry about. Skyline will rent one component or an entire rental exhibit to make sense of your immediate needs. This ability gives you the flexibility to attend more than one show at the same time, or creating a profoundly different appearance at every show you attend making your custom exhibit rental an ideal solution for your company. 




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  • dynamic booth design for construction and healthcare
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Portable Displays

For the "do-it-yourself" exhibitor

Portable exhibits give you the portability and versatility you need in a lightweight and portable configuration. The innovating and industry leading designs maximize your tradeshow messaging while giving you all of the advantages of durability and ease of set-up. Numerous configurations from expandable banners, 6', 8', and 10' pop-up displays can be used together or as individual marketing structures giving you exactly the right amount of coverage for your current and future exhibiting needs. The ability to accessorize your portable displays with shelving, literature holders and other Skyline structural elements guarantees the value as the top exhibiting portables in the trade show industry.


Inline Display Exhibits

Simple, but may need tools

Form and function for your inline space is critical. Skyline's exhibitor solutions are in-line with your needs! The ability to utilize an inline tradeshow space using skyline's industry leading components will give you a unique look that will compliment your trade Show Design. Our modular inline exhibit solutions will not only allow you to be as creative as you need to be, but also offer you the advantage of lightweight and reconfigurable designs that will give you a new look for every event you attend.


Custom Island Design

Professional Installation Required

It is inspiration on a grand scale. Island and peninsula exhibit spaces create massive opportunities for your message to reach their highest potential. The advantages of our island exhibits are that they can use a variety of products enabling you to take full opportunity of all the strengths of the different exhibit systems components. Lightweight and elegant or industrial and solid, the combinations for your exhibit space are only limited by your imagination. Our island show samples will help motivate your next rental or purchase.


Event and Environments

Professional Consultation Required

Events are spectacular for giving your brand the freshness it deserves from time to time. Depending how you fashion It, it could be immersive and profoundly memorable. Creative architecture, bold graphics and fancy interacives cna all play a vital role in the perception of your brand. From concept and creation to installation and management, our unique marketing solutions are supported by our proven process of extensive knowledge resources, comprehensive services and rental options. 

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