A large and growing number of exhibitors have embraced technology to attract more people to their booth, create greater interactivity, and streamline how they capture and fulfill leads.

We have have put together some technological ideas to regenerate your brand. Sign up and scroll down to get to know the tools of fascination.


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How exhibitors use and plan to use 55 different technologies

Based on an extensive new survey, we have shared with you:

  1. Best ways exhibitors use tech in their exhibiting programs
  2. The tech exhibitors like best
  3. The tech exhibitors will – and won’t – be using in the near future
  4. How exhibitors use and plan to use 55 different technologies, including AV, lighting, lead retrieval, social media, apps, mobile, internet, and more
  5. Where exhibitors get help implementing tech (and where you should look)
  6. What content exhibitors present with tech (for ideas you can use)
  7. How much exhibitors are budgeting for tech, now and in the future