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5 Ways Trade Shows Help Small Businesses Grow

Published on Aug 29, 2022 11:34:13 AM


 Adorable advantages for small businesses


Small businesses can now garner the same benefits as their larger competitors at industry events and trade shows. Once seen as a corporate Who’s Who of business leaders, industry events are now recognized as an excellent opportunity for smaller local businesses and cottage industries. Trade show booth rentals have become more affordable, making these lucrative events a solid investment in future profitability for even the smallest business. The ROI is undeniable and the up-front investment is surprisingly affordable.


5 reasons WHY trade shows ARE A PROVEN CRUTCH FOR small businesses growTH:


1. Renting Trade Show Booths

2. Local Attendees

3. Media Exposure

4. Improved Industry Reputation

5. Onsite Sales



1. Renting Trade Show Booths


If your small business may not be able to afford a staff of marketing specialists or the production of a trade show booth, renting a booth could be a viable option.

By renting trade show booths, your small business gets all the advantages of working with a team of experts and housing a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, without the expense. Trade show booths are designed by you, in conjunction with a team of advertising professionals, at a price you can afford. Your brand and your message will make a powerful statement with a rented display, while staying within your specified budget.





2. Local Attendees


As a small business, the more people you know, the more profitable your business is likely to be. Industry events provide businesses of all sizes with the opportunity to meet new clients, contacts, and suppliers, many of which live and work locally. This is a great opportunity to network. These localized contacts are more affordable to small businesses due to reduced shipping and travel expenses. Reduced expenses mean more profits for you!






Above: A linear tradeshow booth with ample space for showcasing your product and a demo table for product exploration.

A report published by Semrush analyzes the small business categories and queries on the rise.

While general interest in starting a small business is spiking, search volume indicates aspiring business owners are looking to open boutiques:

  • Almost one-fifth of all entrepreneurs-to-be want to open a boutique.
  • starting an Etsy business looks attractive to almost one-fifth of all the searchers.
  • Vending machines appear to be gaining the most significant traction, as the category broke into the second spot of most-searched small businesses.




3. Media Exposure


Industry events always attract media exposure. Local, regional, and national television and newspapers send journalists and cameramen to document the latest and greatest in your industry.

A well-designed trade show booth and a polished pitch can put your small business in the limelight without costing you anything extra. Also, if your trade show booth features contests or other special interest attractions, event attendees may provide even more media exposure using their smart phones and social media. One viral video can transform your small business into a national contender.


HubSpot Video

Small businesses exhibit at trade shows  to showcase products and gain valuable leads.

🙄 Ask Yourself:

Why am I exhibiting at trade shows?

If the answer is lead acquisition, you need to make sure your lead management processes work smoothly before your next big event and dive into this article.




4. Improved Industry Reputation


Small businesses often find themselves paying more for less. This is, in part, due to economies of scale, which you can’t do much about until your small business grows. At the same time, you can use these events to improve your reputation within your industry. A professionally-designed trade show booth rental, a well-trained booth staff, and a high-quality product or service can improve your standing within the industry, which can lead to lowered prices and increased profitability.  

Talk to us for product placement and brand strategy. 📞510-490-9900







5. Onsite Sales


Onsite sales are one of the many aspects of industry events that many small business owners fail to take into account when weighing the pros and cons of exhibiting. Trade shows are not just for gathering leads or other objectives. In fact, they are a great opportunity to pitch and close sales!

A surprising number of attendees go to these expos with the intention of buying a specific product or service. If you are exhibiting and you have what an attendee is looking for, why wait for the sale?



Trade shows are coming back with vengeance as shipping cost keep rising, and attendance continues to grow. If you’re a small business and considering whether or not you’d like to exhibit, talk with an exhibit company about your budget and options. Why not take advantage of all the exposure and profitable opportunities that exhibiting brings?

As you move forward, keep an eye on these small business trends.



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Have you ever been on the trade show floor and suddenly realized how nice it would be to have a certain item with you? Did it even occur to you that you might need that item before you left for the show?

A great way to avoid any mishaps and provide damage control when needed is to think ahead and pack an emergency trade show kit.



Critical for any exhibitor, you should always have a show emergency kit (sometimes referred to as Gang Boxes) available in your trade show display.  This self-made kit can contain some or all of the following items:


  • Office Supplies
    • Business cards, pens, pencils, markers, hi-liters®, a variety of tape from duct to Scotch®, scissors, staplers, hand held paper punch, super glue, glue sticks, paper clips, rubber bands, binder clips, and notepads.


  • Tools
    • Flashlight, screw drivers, pliers, hammer, measuring tape, and most importantly any tools specific to your exhibit.


  • Misc. Items
    • Breath mints, Kleenex®, hand sanitizer, small sewing kit, Ziplok® bags, Velcro® – BOTH hook and loop, WD40, batteries.  Basic Medicine – Advil®/Tylenol®, allergy medicine, eye drops, and a small first aid kit.


  • Cleaning Supplies
    • Paper towels, cleaning wipes, adhesive remover, carpet stain remover.


  • Exhibit Part and Pieces
    • Light bulbs, screws, connectors, Gaffers tape and double sided carpet tape.




The great thing about these kits is that they are reusable.  Once you have created one, all you need to do is maintain the few items that need to be replaced as the supplies get low.  Also, keep in mind the size of your trade show booth space.  Larger booths should have more than one kit available in the space to make sure everything is accessible.



Why start your kit now?  Waiting will only increase the likelihood you will forget something. Not every item listed above will pertain to your space, but odds are good that many of them do.  How many times have you been in a rush finishing items at the office before a show only to arrive and realize that you left your business cards at the office?  Save yourself the hassle and pack these kits early!





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