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Posted on Sep 6, 2022 2:30:58 PM


When you exhibit at trade shows, you participate in the marvel of the free market economy: Competition gives way to cooperation. (Not really, but we like to indulge in this game of deception.)
Competing firms agree to present themselves side-by-side, allowing potential buyers simultaneous access to a multitude of choices. Yes, this requires a willingness to face your competition head-on in the exhibition hall.
However, you have much more competition for attendees’ attention than merely your fellow exhibitors.


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Trade Show Design Displays: In Pursuit of Perception

Posted on Mar 12, 2012 12:27:00 PM

In a visual marketing bazaar such as trade fairs and conventions, every visit to your trade show booth leads to a build up of pre-conceived notion. That notion is carried on to every subsequent encounter that your clients might have with your products and/or your services.  Be very purposeful as to how you want your brand to be perceived.  If you walk into a trade show exhibit of clutter, confusion and the mundane, the products and services will be perceived as such.  On the other hand, if you walk into a space of elegance, simplicity and controlled light,  you are in a perceptual space of high technology and smart efficiency.  You see, simplicity and complexity are mutually dependent.  Because technology only continues to grow more complex, there is a massive economic and emotional advantage to present it in a simple and humanized space. Read More.
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QR Codes Let You Target Consumers On the Go

Posted on Jun 27, 2011 2:17:00 PM

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Online Marketing to Complement Your Trade show Face-to-Face Marketing

Posted on Jun 27, 2011 1:19:00 PM

Layers and integration is the norm of our times. The more layers you have to your marketing story, the better results you are guaranteed to achieve.
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Do Trade Shows fit in the Digital Marketing Landscape?

Posted on May 24, 2011 12:32:00 PM

The Short Answer is YES

Today, attendees and buyers have even more ways to benefit from trade shows. Leading business events are improving the attendee experience by enhancing networking and educational opportunities. Event producers and exhibitors are helping business people be more efficient and allow them to focus on their primary reasons for
attending – see new products, keep up with industry trends, and visit with many companies at one time.

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3 Steps to Driving a Focused Lead Generation Strategy at Trade Shows

Posted on May 13, 2011 10:57:00 AM

This is a guest blog post by Mike Gospe, author of The Marketing High Ground, now available on Amazon.

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How to Set Social Media Marketing Goals

Posted on Apr 20, 2011 11:56:00 AM

With social media being the hottest topic on the marketing block these days, companies are finally jumping into this hugely valuable channel. But... why? 

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Trade Show Design Trends: Euroshop 2011

Posted on Apr 13, 2011 4:20:00 PM

EuroShop 2011: Touting over 106,000 visitors and 2,038 exhibitors. Biggest EuroShop of all times. Upbeat mood and focus on: Sustainable materials and products. Here are some shots from the show!

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Trade show Exhibitor 2011: Existing Trends and Future Readings

Posted on Mar 31, 2011 2:45:00 PM

Took a day trip to the Exhibitor Show that is going on now. The Whose Who in the Exhibiting Design and Build Industry were all looking sharp. Here are some shots from the Exhibitor 2011 Show.

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Two Side Open Booth Design

Posted on Mar 18, 2011 1:00:00 PM

Trade show Exhibitors are familiar with the different kinds of Trade Show booth layouts. We have the conventional center tower, the ever popular circle, the cozy club, the popular plaza to name a few. The conventional flloor plan is to leave as many entry points to yur trade show display as possible. Hoever, often enough we forget how many booth staffers are working the booth at any given point of time and the quality of leads that you want to capture. Also, you do not want enry points that faces a row of 10' x 10' linear diplay stands.

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