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Research Confirms Exhibitors & Attendees Highly Value Trade Shows

Published on Jul 12, 2014 9:30:00 AM

March 20, 2011

By Mike Thimmesch

Looking for proof that trade shows are still a powerful marketing medium?  You’ve got it! Skyline and EXPO Magazine have combined resources to create a new white paper called The Value of Trade Shows.  Use this report to help justify and enhance your trade show program and get more people to your trade show booths!  Click here to request your copy of this report. Based on extensive surveys with over 500 trade show exhibitors and attendees, this report reveals that even in the midst of recent technological changes, exhibitors and attendees still find significant value in trade shows, and expect to for many years ahead. In this new, 24-page white paper:

  • Exhibitors tell how they are increasing their trade show participation, why they value trade shows, and how they are exhibiting better at trade shows than before.
  • Attendees share the high value they place on trade shows for sourcing products, comparing and meeting suppliers, and keeping up on industry trends.  Attendees also reveal what exhibitors can do most that will catch their attention.

Why Exhibitors Value of Trade Shows Exhibitors value trade shows because they are effective in achieving a number of critical sales and marketing objectives.  The top reasons why exhibitors participate in conventions and trade shows are to raise awareness of company and brand, capture leads from new buyers and prospects, and create and/or strengthen industry relationships or partnerships. Exhibitors also gave other reasons they value trade shows:

  • 63% of exhibitors indicated their organizations’ rate conventions, trade shows and conferences as “extremely” or “very valuable.”
  • An extremely high 91% of exhibitors say that conventions, trade shows and conferences will remain to be critical to marketing over the next five years.

Why Attendees Value Trade Shows Without attendees, there would be no trade shows.  Fortunately for exhibitors, attendees find great value from going to conventions:

  • A significant 88% of attendees say that conventions, trade shows and conferences are an important part of their product sourcing and buying process. An even higher percentage (91%) agrees that conventions, trade shows and conferences are essential for comparing products and meeting suppliers.
  • 90% of attendees feel that business events will continue to be critical to their product sourcing and purchasing over the next five years.
  • 73% of attendees say their organizations rate conventions, trade shows and conferences as “extremely” or “very valuable.”
  • Travel and event attendance budgets are expected to increase by an average of 4.1% this year.
  • 57% of attendees say they or their organization make a major purchase, or finalize an important deal, within three months of attending an event.

How to Exhibit Better

This white paper provides exhibit marketers with a blueprint for justifying -- and enhancing -- the value trade shows have in their company’s marketing plan.  Exhibitors also share in this report how they are marketing at and selecting trade shows differently, and what are the most common methods exhibitors have used to improve their trade show programs over the last two years.


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